Experience Matters

Creative Programming is focused on providing our clients with exciting control programming solutions that work! Our touchpanel designs and stable automation control programming services are both dynamic and reliable.

Whether you require programming for a small conference room, a whole house, or an entire entertainment venue, we have the knowledge and expertise to program a solution that will work for you and be easy to control.

All our programming expertise is gained from comprehensive manufacturer training and real world experience. Every project we accept always has the end user in mind. By creating a clearly defined scope of work we can help determine the wants and needs of the end user so we can program the system to their desired level of control.

We specialize in programming of Crestron® control systems because it is our belief Crestron® provides superior equipment designed to bring a home or office to life!

Insightful Collaboration

Our goal is to provide more than just a smart remote for your boardroom. Our aim is to deliver a well thought out system which meets the needs of everyone who uses it.

We take time to learn about each client so we can deliver designs that match their corporate environment.

Our team of experts working with your expert team to provide intelligent and insightful options which ensure you get the most from every project.

Intuitive Touchpanel Design

We excel at creating user interfaces which are sleek, exciting, dynamic and do not require complex manuals to operate.

Every interface we create always begins with the end user in mind. Our solutions provide clients with intuitive interfaces which assist the user rather than overwhelming them with numerous buttons or irrelevant options. The result is a simple elegant and easy to follow interface with a smart look and feel.

This is how we make technology easy to use!

Responsive Control Programming

A good user interface needs solid programming to back it up.  Fancy graphics are useless if the system logic does not respond properly or cannot report accurate feedback from controlled devices.  

Well-written code means a responsive system that will always provide prompt control over all connected equipment and useful feedback.  Developing stable and reliable programming is core to our business and the service we provide. 

Through extensive training and years of experience our control logic functions smoothly and more efficiently than our competitors.  What does that mean for you?  A control system that is reliable, stable, and works for you.

Tried, Tested & True

Time is a valuable resource and you have more important things to do than spend it troubleshooting problems. We strive to help reduce your time onsite by providing you with quality programs that work reliably every time.

Our staff is trained and certified so you can be confident you're getting programming of the highest caliber.  We perform thorough testing of our code to ensure all aspects are working properly before delivering it to our clients. 

Our staff will work with you to ensure the control system is doing what it was designed to do and is communicating properly with all devices. Our preference is to be onsite during the commissioning of each systems so we can ensure the programming is doing exactly what it should.



Our Mission

To provide premium commercial and residential audio/video control programming that is intuitive, efficient, reliable, and user-friendly.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help make technology easier to use, thus making everyone's lives simpler while making the earth greener.

Our Values

We value quality, integrity, and respect of our clients, community and environment, and this can be found in all aspects of our business.

Our History

Creative Programming Inc. was founded in 2009. Through years of hard work dedicated to providing clients with quality control systems, we have gained the admiration and respect of our partners in the audio/visual industry.  

Creative Programming Inc. is well established in the business community of Edmonton, Calgary, and other municipalities across western Canada. Our company offers dynamic and stable programming solutions for any Crestron control system. Our extensive experience working with computers, networks, and graphic design in the IT industry as well as our knowledge gained from working in the audio/video sector is exactly what gives Creative Programming Inc. a definitive edge over the competition. Contact us and learn what we can do for you!



Creative Programming has worked with the most talented and experienced audio/video companies in western Canada.





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